Users of SwiftKey Symbols can build a sentence by choosing images, hand-drawn by a SwiftKey team member, from a set of categories or from a prediction slider powered by the SwiftKey SDK. Employing SwiftKey’s input and predictive technology, the app’s tech complements routine-based activity and learns from each individual’s behavior to surface images relevant to

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Tep: The motivational fitness tracker

Thursday, 03 September 2015 by

A new app called Tep created a Tamagotchi-like app for your phone to help you stay motivated when it comes to working out. Move around if you want to feed your giraffe. In many ways, Tep works like other popular fitness tracking apps, such as RunKeeper or Runtastic. First, you select your activity, then you hit start and

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The University of Washington (UW) has developed an app that helps detect sleep apnea, called ApneaApp. App development was funded by the National Science Foundation and the University of Washington.   UW said that usually, to diagnose sleep apnea, providers need to use sensors attached to the user’s body and special equipment, but ApneaApp can

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New technologies are revolutionising the lives of their users. And the same is true for those with reduced mobility, thanks to a pioneering project from two Spanish companies: Limbika, which is dedicated to the development of assistive technologies, and bq.   With this project, bq and Limbika are aiming to break through the barriers preventing

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This app can track blood sugars based on the timing of your meals. In fact, it lets you tag events and reactions to exercise and types of foods as well. The app provides time-based statistics, filtering by events and tags, sharing data to Dropbox and care providers, and even track medications. Its Android Wear app specifically

All profits will go to research. Your download price is 0’99€  in Google Play and Apple Store.   It is an arcade type of game where the player has to neutralize a wave of virus controlling the movements of the hero and shooting at the attackers.   MAIN CHARACTERS The main character of Epidemia the

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The 2015 UN World Summit Award – Mobile Global Congress (WSA-Mobile) brought together 400 local and international mobile experts in Abu Dhabi on February 1-3, 2015, to recognise the best mobile applications for social and economic development from 178 countries. Universal Doctor Speaker was chosen as the Global Champion of the mEnvironment and mHealth category!     UniversalDoctor

Autism is a developmental disorder that hampers a person’s ability to communicate with people, but it’s believed that its sufferers do enjoy using computers. It was from that spark that Samsung, working with two universities in Seoul, was inspired to craft an app that could train sufferers to communicate with people. Look At Me is,

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Google Fit app arrives

Monday, 03 November 2014 by

Google has released the fitness app for Android devices it announced in June, called Google Fit. “When it comes to improving our fitness, every little effort counts,” Android Director of Product Management Sabrina Ellis said in a blog post. “That’s why we’ve created Google Fit – a fitness app that helps you to start tracking your

Best apps against smoking

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 by

Smoking — and the use of smokeless tobacco — is the top cause of preventable death in the United States. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 443,000 people die each year from smoking. Kicking the habit can prevent many of these deaths. We’ve chosen a collection of top-rated apps geared toward making it easier to

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